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what subtitels do we have to include in our tourism section?


- main tourism places (attractions)

there are several place with fun parks (made for entertainment)
there are natural attractions (which are formed by nature like Blue Grotto)
and there are historical attractions (old cities…)
there are many dive sites especially around Gozo
and beaches and bays (it's an island!)
there are a few places were you can sport
and many cultural attractions (museums, gardens, churches)

- where the tourists come from
- why do the people come to Malta?

cultural attractions are one of the main reasons why people visit Malta

- how long they stay?
- how much they spend
- does tourism influence the environment?

Fallacy No. 5: Tourists in Malta do not spend a lot of money per capita.
This is a matter of relativity. Malta is one of the most expensive destinations in the Mediterranean, and as a result we do not generally attract the very low-income tourists. If one visits Spain one immediately understands what I mean here. We do not depend on the the so-called lager louts, although we encounter a few especially in Bugibba. This could possibly be also due to the relatively high average age of tourists visiting Malta.
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- what sort of tourists visit malta (older people, young people?)
- how the tourists influence daily life on Malta

Importance of tourism in Malta
Expenditure by incoming tourists has a major impact on the Maltese economy. It directly contributes about 12% to 15% to Malta’s GDP (i.e. to Malta’s economic value added), and has high multiplier effects in comparison with other forms of expenditure, in that tourist expenditure has a relatively low import content. It also generates indirect demand for many other goods and services including agricultural and manufactured goods, banking and transport. As a result it creates considerable employment, not just in the hotel and catering establishments, but in the other sectors which benefit from tourist expenditure. Tourism also generates about 20% of foreign exchange inflows on trade in goods and services.
However its contribution is often overstated by some (mostly those who offer tourism services) and denigrated by others (particularly because of its negative environmental and cultural impacts). In this short speech I shall refer to a number of fallacies and contradictions which pervade with regard to tourism in Malta. I will end by making a few suggestions as to how the contribution of tourism could be developed sustainably.
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- jobs which result from tourism
- what sort of activities are there for the tourists
- where do they stay? (near the beach, villages, cities)

- were people from Malta go to

Maltese people have the most holiday days in Europe… MEAANN!!!
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tourism isn't Malta's main source of income, limestone is their major resource
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