Before we go to Malta, it is useful to know a bit more about the country. In groups or no more than 3 people, choose a geographical theme to investigate.

If you want to get an idea of what I'm expecting, have a look at these pages created by some 2nd years who went to Hungary.

After you have chosen a theme and checked it with Miss Snow, add a new page (see bottom left of the page) with a suitable title e.g. climate.

Once you have your new page, start filling it with (relivant) information!

Don't forget copyright! No cutting and pasting of text. Acknowledge your sources of information with links to their website, etc.

During today's lesson, I would like you to demonstrate in your page that you know how to

  • Add text
  • Format text (made headings, bold text etc.)
  • Make links to images
  • Make links to other Internet sites
  • Make links to other pages in this Wiki
  • Add a comments section to your page and add comments to other people‚Äôs pages add the following code to the bottom of your page
[[module Comments]]

You may work in pairs/3's but everone must have their own login account and have joined this site.

Please note that I do not expect to see you editing your profile or avatar, or sending each other messages during the lesson. You can do that at home!

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